Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, empower, and inspire
Box Butte County residents to take greater responsibility
for enhancing their community and the environment.

We will accomplish this by partnering with area businesses,
community leaders, and neighbors to work together to create
a clean and safe place to live and work for future generations.

Sponsored in part by the Nebraska Environmental Trust through the Nebraska Lottery, The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, The City of Alliance and Box Butte County



KAB's Main Initiatives

Recycling (and Waste Control)

Part of KAB’s mission is to inspire Box Butte County residents to take greater responsibility for their environment. This is accomplished in part by educating the public about the benefits of recycling, what can be recycled, and how to recycle materials safely and properly. However Recycling isn’t the only way to help control waste locally. Actively working to Reduce your everyday consumption of resources and to find ways to Reuse items are both great ways to limit waste and help the environment.  Our pilot after school program will be an opportunity to reuse items that are not typically recycled.  Please bring items to our center at 107 1/2 Cheyenne between 8 AM and 3 PM Mon-Fri that might be used for art projects!  

Litter Prevention

KAB offers several litter prevention programs and events throughout the year. Clubs, Businesses, and groups of any kind can get involved directly by joining the adopt-a-park program. Individuals can contribute to litter prevention by being a responsible neighbor and doing their part to prevent or clean-up litter in their community. Contact the Keep Alliance Beautiful office for more ways on how you or your organization can get involved.

Community Improvement
and Beautification

KAB works to create a sense of pride and ownership within the community through programs that empower the local citizens and community leaders to take an active part in cleaning up their city. One specific prorgam that KAB provides to the community is our rubber mulch program, where we make it possible for residents to purchase this long lasting landscaping material for about half of retail cost.


History of Keep Alliance Beautiful

Keep Alliance Beautiful (KAB) was founded in 1982 as the Alliance Clean Community System. The City of Alliance was interested in the affiliate of Keep America Beautiful to help the community in areas of community improvement, waste reduction, litter education, and beautification. The name was changed in the mid 1990’s when all of the affiliates of Keep America Beautiful were asked to change names by the parent organization.

Affiliates of Keep America beautiful are supported through information and projects but each is responsible for its own funding. KAB is primarily funded through grants and by local fundraising efforts. KAB is not a department of the City of Alliance. However the city has supported KAB in many ways since its inception and has paid KAB for services since it began. Each year KAB writes grants to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to support the organization. United Way of Western Nebraska and the Nebraska Environmental Trust (funded through the Nebraska Lottery) also help to support KAB’s work, as do other grant programs.

In 2001, KAB became the recycler for Alliance due to public demand for a recycling program after a private business had decided to close down their recycling efforts. Grants were applied for and KAB started a basic recycling program in Alliance. In 2007, a feasibility study was done to asses opening a recycling center in Alliance. Late in 2009, the center began taking cardboard on a limited basis, which quickly grew to full capacity. By 2010, recycling separation trailers were being emptied at the KAB Alliance Recycling Center, expanding the variety of materials being accepted for recycling in Alliance. In 2011 KAB was placed in a contingency fund by the city of Alliance for the recycling portion of the program. KAB has continued through more than 30 years of growth with the same basic mission, educating residents of Alliance and Box Butte County about the issues of litter control, waste management, beautification and community improvement.


Looking Forward

WE TAKE GLASS FOR CRUSHING!   #1 & #2 may now be combined and placed in the same bins, please remove lids!  Cardboard ONLY means cardboard ONLY.  Do not put paperboard in the green bins.  There is a bin for paperboard.  Newspapers, magazines and catalogs go in the tan bins.  Thank you for your patience as changes occur and we relabel the bins!  Please be sure to rinse all containers before recycling!  No plastic bags please, except for shredded paper.  Shredded Paper should be bagged.  

Please email keepalliancebeautiful@gmail.com if you have questions, comments or helpful suggestions regarding everyday recycling.